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Who I AM 


Welcome to Sirensound Digital UK Limited, the home of the professional sound archive.

I specialize in the practise of audio archiving, having already enjoyed many fruitful years bringing obsolete recordings back into the world for broadcast, access and families all over the globe.

I have won 3 prestigious European Contracts with The British Library Sound Archive, London, RTE Radio Archives, Donnybrook, Dublin, and The National Folklore Collection, again Dublin.

Originally born in New Zealand, where music was my main driver, I settled in London and worked in an audio mastering house known as a Sony Centre of Excellence where we would master many new releases and re-releases for clients ranging from Rock Gods to Pop Princesses and all the inbetweeners. I was invited to join Chop 'Em Out by Murray Harris who came from the DJM Elton John stable, and others who worked at Chop included Donal Whelan, now of Hafod Mastering, Simon Heyworth, of Tubular Bells fame, now SuperAudioMastering, and Phil Kinrade, again from DJM and now at Air Mastering with Barry Grint. 

I moved into Archive Audio as it seemed like an interesting area of audio to me. As a recording engineer I had many of the core skills already that are required to perform this work effectively and accurately, and as a musician and songwriter I was able to bring some meaningful extra skills to the party.

I accepted the job of archiving from DAT a large collection that was recorded at the Barbican in London, many first public performances and broadcast performances that were in danger of being lost due to the nature of the format. I spent many months on this project and it somehow came to the attention of the BBC Archives through Jon Tolansky who administered the contract on behalf of the Barbican through the Music Performance Research Centre, now shortened to Music Preserved.

In 2000 my wife and I moved to the Cotswolds, for me a legendary place to live, having already heard about it's outstanding natural beauty many years ago. Indeed it was fortuitous as we found a lovely old 1840s house in need of love and care, which also had a cellar where I could continue my work, and it is here that I have worked on National Sound Archives ever since.

Welcome to my world!

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