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Sirensound has an acoustically treated and specially built room for recording acoustic instruments and Voiceover facilities. The console will accept producer dialogue offsite with the talent.

We archive according to the highest practical AES and IASA standards utilising 96 kHz 24 bit converters with the capacity to transfer from one channel to 24 channels and have the facility to record DSD if required in mono or stereo.


ATC (World class monitoring)



Built only 8 miles away in Aston Down, ATC have built a substantial reputation for complete and uncompromised accuracy without the need for filtering, the magic is in the design, the construction and the build of the cabinets.

I use SCM25A

I have for reference

SCM 100 AT





Millennia music and media systems (HV3D)


I'm using the worlds most transparent preamplifiers for microphone, including12 channels of HV3D, a single TD1 Direct Input, LOCi Legacy Library of Congress Transcription preamplifier for acetates and vinyl and LPE-2 for wax cylinder equalisation.

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World class microphones



Microphones selected especially for voice, acoustic guitar, Full drum array including matched Advanced Audio CM67se tube mics, Electrovoice RE 20, 2 Audio Technica AE 3000, Advanced Audio RE 20, Telefunken and Sennheiser

We use LatchLake Mic stands to give strength to positioning and all cabling is Van Damme 

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(LOCi) Library of Congress Legacy Archival Playback Environment 

For vinyl, shellac and acetate discs and wax cylinders


Sony mixers, recorders and playback machines

Sony APR 5003 quarter inch recorders with stereo, mono, 1/4 track headblocks and half inch headblock


Sonnox software

The latest Sonnox software

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